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Custom Furniture Upholstery

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Custom Furniture Upholstery

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Custom Furniture Upholstery

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Custom Furniture Upholstery Sherman Oaks

Custom furniture Sherman Oaks, CA is proud to be known to provide top quality custom upholstery and re-upholstery services. Our upholstery workshop is currently based 13904 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA. You can visit us anytime and one of our specialist at our showroom will be happy to guide you through the process of re-upholstering your furniture and picking the right fabric.

At custom furniture upholstery Sherman Oaks our main goal is to create a business person's workplace dream into reality. The end result: attracting and appealing to you as well as your customer base, so everyone can live and work in the best enviroment possible.

We also provide services for Commercial Architects which include Restaurants, Hotel Lobbies, Showrooms, Offices, Retail Stores, Theaters, and much more.

For immediate projects don't hesitate to give us a call at (818) 783-4000, so we can assist you.

We always take pride in our supreme customer service and strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience as we turn their design dream into a wonderful reality.

Our Upholstery Services

Custom upholstery services Sherman Oaks

Residential Upholstery Commercial Upholstery

Custom sofas
Sofa slipcovers
Dining room chairs
Wall upholstery
Patio cushions
Breackfast knook

Restaurant booths
Acoustical walls
Waiting room chairs
Doctor exam benches
Gym upholstery benches
Swimming pool cushions
Hotel lobby upholstery

Custom Furniture Upholstery - Restaurant Boohts - Hotel lobby - Wall Upholstery - Night Clubs
Some of our Commercial Services are:

Restaurant Booths Upholstery

High quality restaurant booths for new or newly renovated restaurant; We have leather and fabric upholstered booths for restaurants. Our commercial furniture includes luxury restaurant booths for renovating or for new restaurants. We have lots of sizes to choose from. You may need a variety of sizes and we can work with you on your layout and design to ensure you get the largest number of people comfortably sitting in the space that you have.

Our styles include traditional, retro, modern and classic. In these styles we have different colors, fabrics and patterns to choose from. You will be able to coordinate and match all your décor with a single company. We have restaurant tables and chairs that you can use in other areas to fill out the room. We will make sure that they al match and look great so your restaurant has a great and lasting appeal. You can develop a reputation for making people extremely comfortable while they eat. And that is something people will come back for time and time again. Just like with us people come back time and time again for being able to mix and match furniture and designs at wholesale prices.

Hotel Lobby upholstery

We carry many styles of commercial wholesale hotel furniture including everything from modern and contemporary to traditional. We can make your hotel lobby or any nook be the most restful or exciting place your clientele has been. Our upholstered chairs, sofas, love seats, bench seats and ottomans are impressive. The wide selection of fabrics, leather and vinyl ensure that you will have the exact look you want to achieve. You can mix and match chairs and sofas or various table tops and table bases. To complete the décor and atmosphere we have many accessories and pillows that make things feel chic and comfortable.

Wall Upholstery

We can include all your needs in wall lining and wall upholstery. From the simple installation of a linen to that of a luxurious fabric or material such as leather or velvet, wiiliam or alex will listen to your wishes and, with a pre-established budget, will make everything in order to give your interior the inimitable seal of French upholstery savoir faire.

Night Clubs Upholstery

Nightclubs have a style and décor that they usually want to change from time to time to stay with the trends. We have contemporary, modern, retro, and traditional; every type of style you could want. When you decide it is time to change the look and décor we are ready to assist you. Sometimes you can keep some of your pieces and just purchase some new pub sets and chairs and the place has a whole new look and feel

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