How do we Provide VALUE to your Furniture ?
  • Using Quality Materials
  • High quality Workmanship
  • Confort
  • complete restoration

Our exclusive design Services to provide  the best quality and excellent workmanship,do not stress yourself trying to find the best sofa to fit your needs please come to our showroom.

Finding the wright Company to work on Yur Furniture

When choosing a reupholstery firm, it is necessary to look into numerous things so that your furniture can be redesigned in an elegant manner. This will ensure the right reupholstery for your furniture. Even for the restaurant benches , a modern look can be given, by making use of the right reupholstery service. This will help in enhancing the appearance of the complete restaurant. First of all, they need to have good experience in this field. It is important to check if they are worthy to be hired. Your investment should never go waste and hence, the right firm needs to be chosen. A firm that has moderate experience in this field will prove to be the best, as they will have sufficient experience and will also be able to provide the service at reasonable rate.

Their expertise in this field should also be checked. For this purpose, it is ideal to check with a few previous clients who have already availed such service. The reviews of various clients should be checked so that you get a fair idea on the service that We provide. They should have established good status as well. It is necessary that you do a little research for this purpose.

The renowned furniture reupholstery firms prefer making use of the handheld techniques that are enabled with modern technology and tools. Such service should also prove to be cost-effective. High pricing need not necessarily mean that they provide with the best service. A detailed costing plan of various firms providing with similar services should be got for a better understanding.

You can compare it with the preferred firms, so that the one which suits your requirement can be checked. By making use of such parameters, it is sure that the users can avail the services of the right reupholstery firm.

  • Commercial Upholstery
  • Residential Upholstery


Some of  the Services Provide Custom Furniture

Furniture Reupholstery

WM Furniture Reupholstery is proud to be known to provide top quality custom upholstery and reupholster Furniture services

Our main goal is to create a business person's workplace dream into reality. The end result: attracting and appealing to you as well as your customer base, so everyone can live and work in the best environment possible. 

We also provide services for Commercial Architects which include Restaurants, Hotel Lobbies, Showrooms, Offices, Retail Stores, Theaters, and much more.

We always take pride in our supreme customer service and strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience as we turn their design dream into a wonderful reality. 

Furniture Reupholstery fine Re-upholstery and Re-design any existing piece of Furniture we will keep the Value of your existing furniture

With more than 40 years of experience in Commercial Upholstery , we’ve designed and Manufacture all – and we can prove it!

The elements we use to accessorize and design Commercial and Residential  furniture upholstery are always sleek and upscale.

Furniture re Upholstery



Furniture Upholstery


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Residential Upholstery Service

Any Custom Upholster Furniture Residential-Commercial

Furniture Upholstery service

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